Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chamberlain's Folly is now available from the Amazon-DE Kindle Store

I got a message from Amazon last week telling me that Amazon DTP was available now at Amazon-DE (Germany) and that any books I held international rights to would be appearing there soon. I visited my DTP Bookshelf this past weekend and saw that Chamberlain's Folly indeed had a link to its own product page at Amazon-DE.

Naturally, I was intrigued. My book has not been translated into German, as far as I know. I followed the link and took a look.

The Amazon web boiler-plating and action buttons were definitely in German, but my promo text was still in English. I guess I half expected it to be translated into German too, perhaps by computer, but it wasn't. I scratched my head.

It wasn't until I rolled to the bottom of the page and saw the message board links that I learned that there is a large demand for English-language books among the younger readers there. Most admitted in their posts that they were not as fluent in English as they would like to be and they were anxious to get their hands on English eBooks to supplement their English classes in school.

Oh. Okay. Sure. Glad that I am able to help out.

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